Newborn Normal

Photo courtesy HandUp Congo.

What is normal and abnormal in a newborn? Stridor, periodic breathing, vomiting, eye discharge? Which of these merits investigation and treatment?

Using your thumb drive or CMES-Pi device take a listen or a quick read of the May 2020 EM:RAP podcast or pdf titled, Newborn Normal by Anand Swaminathan MD and Zach Drapkin MD.



Part of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, United Kingdom, which was the first pediatric hospital in the English-speaking world. (Wikipedia)

Who Knew? Some of the oldest traces of pediatrics can be discovered in Ancient India where children’s doctors were called kumara bhrtya.[2] Sushruta Samhita an ayurvedic text, composed during the sixth century BC contains the text about pediatrics.[4] Another ayurvedic text from this period is Kashyapa Samhita.[5][6]

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